Stage Plot

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MemberRoleStage PositionMicDIOther
Peter ForceDrums: 4 piece, ride, crash, hh, tambourineBack Center00OP1: to Aux Mixer
Wes HarmonGuitar 1, Synth, BG VocalsStage Right10

Synth:  to Aux Mixer

Mark QuitevisGuitar 2Front Center00
Ben TaylorBass, Main VocalsStage Left10

Drone Synth: to Aux Mixer

Sample pedal: to Aux Mixer

Vocal Reverb/Delay Processor (Main Vocal)

Auxiliary TableVideo Synth and Aux MixerCenter Center00Sent to Auxiliary amp and Projector
ProjectorVideo SynthStage Right of Drums00Backdrop: white sheet w/ clamps