Tech Rider

Stage Plot

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Member Role Stage Position Mic DI Other
Peter Force Drums: 4 piece, ride, crash, hh, tambourine Back Center 0 0 OP1: to Aux Mixer
Wes Harmon Guitar 1, Synth, BG Vocals Stage Right 1 0

Synth:  to Aux Mixer

Mark Quitevis Guitar 2 Front Center 0 0
Ben Taylor Bass, Main Vocals Stage Left 1 0

Drone Synth: to Aux Mixer

Sample pedal: to Aux Mixer

Vocal Reverb/Delay Processor (Main Vocal)

Auxiliary Table Video Synth and Aux Mixer Center Center 0 0 Sent to Auxiliary amp and Projector
Projector Video Synth Stage Right of Drums 0 0 Backdrop: white sheet w/ clamps