Incredible lyrics go a long way towards making me love a band. I’ll even forgive some pretty awful musicianship in lieu of some quality wordsmithery. This album is not an example of that. This is one of those scattered-chance situations where you have both worlds colliding like two sides of a zipper, thus closing the jacket of perfection.. What in holy hell am I typing right now? Sorry about that. I thought I had something. You get the idea though right? This is a really good little EP. Actually it’s not that little; these are some pretty hefty songs. One of them has what appears (can things appear sonically?) to be voice clips of alien encounter anecdotes. I mean damn. I bet aliens can appear sonically. If you live in Philadelphia you would be remiss to not see this band play live. I’m jealous that you even have the opportunity to do so. I can sense how mind-blasting this would be in person. Listen, you’re just a fool if you don’t go to their next show pal. Unless it’s on a weeknight. If it’s on a weeknight you should probably just stay home and get to bed at a decent time. I’m ok with that.

Top 5 Albums/EPs That DON’T Suck July 2018

4 Piece. Band. Phili. Guitar. Garage-rock-pop. BAD SHAPES. Making. Waves. That was just for emphasis. It was necessary. The band is given life by Joe Gruber (drums), Wes Harmon (guitar, synth, vocals), Mark Quitevis (guitar), and Ben Taylor (bass, vocals). What they do with ‘Always Enemy’ is that moment when you realize there’s no way out of the movie-theater without having to cause a scene. You sit in the middle of the row. Movie isn’t finished. Boom. BAD SHAPES will remind you. They will help you. Maybe. ‘Rough Edges’ is their latest 6 track debut EP, and is available now. Do it.